Government and Corporate Security

Government and office buildings can be targets for individuals seeking to do harm. Disgruntled employees who have been fired can pose threats. Armed officers – both uniformed or plainclothes – can be a vital component for securing your assets, properties and employees. Types of industries can include museums, research and data facilities, and private businesses.

Commercial Establishments

TRU Security regularly provides services for retail shopping centers, liquor stores, bars, night clubs, restaurants, gas station and convenience stores, grocery stores, amusement parks and other commercial establishments. Prevention of theft and vandalism, as well as security for customers and employees, is critical to a business’ bottom line. We’ll create a package to meet your needs and concerns.

Colleges, Universities and Schools

We are able to provides security services to public and private educations facilities, including trade schools, colleges, universities, elementary, junior and high schools in the Albuquerque and surrounding areas – to include patrolling buildings and/or parking lots.

Construction and Manufacturing Sites

Construction and manufacturing sites can be targets for vandalism and theft, as well as damage to property. Theft of construction equipment is a $1 Billion per year problem. We can tailor a security package to meet your needs for each site, including vehicle patrols and perimeter enforcement to help keep your operating costs down.

Health Care Facilities

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, cannabis dispensaries, drug treatment clinics and pharmacies have unique security needs. We will consult with you to address any specific areas of concern and alleviate security inefficiencies.


Tourism in Albuquerque is a major source of revenue for the city and surrounding areas. Crime, including parking lot thefts or assaults can be a deterrent for visitors coming to our city. Mobile patrols, standing posts and event security can help protect guests and their valuables, in addition to protecting hotel employees.

Jewelry, Valuable inventory

Shops, such as jewelry or smartphone stores, tend to have valuable inventory which can be a target for theft. We can offer 24-hour security services, as well as day-time standing posts or mobile patrols. Let us know what your needs are and we’ll create a package to meet them.

Financial Institutions, Banks, Credit Unions

Banks and credit unions and other financial institutions are obvious targets for theft and harm to employees. Armed standing post or vehicle patrols can help deter such crime.

Residential, Condos, Apartments

Home theft is a city-wide problem in Albuquerque. Security guards can help patrol a neighborhood, serving as a deterent, as well as noticing issues which homeowners may disregard. We can set up packages to help make your community secure, whether it’s a gated community, an apartment or condo complex, assisted living or independent living facility, 55+ community, or individual homes.

Churches, Synagogues

It is an unfortunate fact that violent attacks are becoming more common in houses of worship. A security presence will help to mitigate what can happen in such a circumstance.

Albuquerque church synagogue security guard services

Event Security

TRU Security has been providing security services for events in Albuquerque for many years. Clients include Carrie Tingley Mud Volleyball, Wine Festival, NM Celtic Festival, Bacon Beer & Blues, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Lobo sporting events and political rallies, to name a few. We also provide security for fairs and exhibitions, as well as private events, including wedding receptions, parties and conferences. Our officers are certified and trained to prevent violations of the Liquor Control Act, in addition to providing security at entrance gates to events.